7" Variable Speed Polisher

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  • User Friendly: It produces very little heat and prevents the polisher from burning and damaging the paint. While remove swirl marks and scratches quickly and safely with LOW NOISE.
  • Variable Speed: Variable speed control rotary knob enables user to match the speed to the application. (Speed 1-2 for elementary waxing, Speed 3-4 for refined waxing, Speed 5-6 for car polishing)
  • Easy To Use: Features a non-slip front handle for greater comfort and control. It takes most of the labor out of the process, the machine does the work, all you do is hold it. SOFT STRAT feature for smooth start-ups.
  • Lock On Button: for continuous use operation AND 7ft enough long power cord for convenient use. Versatile – Can be used for cleaning, polishing, and applying waxes.
  • Accessories Included: Hook-and-Loop Backing, Wax Pad and Wool Bonnet, Non-slip front handle, Hex Wrench and Replaceable Carbon Brushes.

Product Specification:
* Load Speed: 3000-6000 OPM 
* Operating Voltage: 110V
* Power: 1200 watts
* Spindle Thread Diameter: 7 inches
* Cord Length: 7ft
* Overall Length: 8 inch
* Net Weight: 7.9lbs
* Material: ABS case
* Color: Yellow&Black



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