Bumplip Front Bumper 2.5m Rubber Lip

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 Fits All Cars

 Material:High quality black rubber foam
Size: 250cm X 4.5cm
Flexible and lightweight foam rubber  with ultra strong 3M automotive tale(PRE-APPLIED).
Gives your ride a more aggressive and customized look
Professional installation is highly recommend.
No special tools required.
High performance JDM racing style
Flexible enough to conform to different types of bumper/car body
Protect your car from scratches/bump and any undesired damage caused by a collision
Helpful Tips:
Please clean the underside of the bumper with rubbing alcohol on the location the lip will be attached. This will ensure a strong bond with the bumper
Please peel the backing off of one end of the lip. Position the tape so that the lip is protruding towards you. Install on the underside of the bumper starting at one end of the bumper. Make sure to press firmly
Please continue to peel and attached to the rest of the bumper making sure the lip is even as you do
Please cut off the excess with scissors